His unique comedy and magic has gained him a reputation as a world-class visual artist. His fresh approach has allowed him to headline in some of the world’s top showrooms and theatres.

Kevin James is also a very prolific magical inventor and consultant. Not only is his show original, he has created many things that have been performed in the shows of other famous actors and magicians like Nicolas Cage, Doug Henning, David Copperfield Lance Burton, Mark Wilson, Penn & Teller and Criss Angel.

His art vision was to create the most unique magic show on the planet. Currently is one of the stars of the hit touring show “The Illusionists”. His character is called “The Inventor”.

Kevin is also one of the highest watched magicians on YouTube with millions of hits. He has been performed in some amazing and unusual situations like a show in Milan for 50,000 people and a live TV appearance in Indonesia viewed by 200 million people.

Kevin holds a US Patent for a groovy living amputated arm illusion. It has been marketed as a toy to the public several times.

“I feel blessed every day, I can do what I love and make people happy at the same time. It is a huge honor and responsibility to remind people how to feel that sense of wonder they had as a child. Becoming an adult takes that feeling away and I try to give it back, even for just a few hours.”